10/30/2023 02:38pm

how many more mornings until we can finally see "BIDEN DEAD" or "TRUMP JAILED" at the top of our feeds??

10/30/2023 12:22am

The U.S. government doesn’t require states to report graduation data by gender the way they must break it out by racial and ethnic groups
Boys graduate high school at lower rates than girls - by the time the us government starts having the stats broken down BY SEX, they'll muddle it up with gender and skew and poison our data. sex is a concrete dimorphic biological marker; gender, 'race and ethnicity' are squishy social constructs #sexNOTgender #sexmatters

10/30/2023 12:16am

Jared Kushner Says Saudi Arabia 'Safer' for Jews Than College Campuses - spoken like a man with money and power. i think khashoggi and all women would disagree

10/30/2023 12:12am

DoJ officials are accused of spying on watchdogs who were overseeing Crossfire Hurricane investigation - not the first time for this sort of thing (feinstein and the cia comes right to mind). but these people shouldnt have some special secret protections - all citizens should be protected from this sort of surveillance. it used to be covered by the fourth amendment! #4a

10/30/2023 12:07am

Johnson throws down gauntlet on Israel-Ukraine spending battle - both parties pro war now. democrats just want to print money. gop wants to cut domestic food and med assistance to citizens to siphon money off for graft and overseas war oligarchs

10/30/2023 12:03am

Netanyahu and his wife have decamped to a luxury mansion with a deep nuclear bunker - maybe the people starting the wars, especially nukes!, shouldnt be allowed to hole up like rats away from them 🤔

Israeli Defence Minister declares 'we are fighting animals, not people' - zionists talking like literal nazis now

10/29/2023 11:59pm

Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act of 2003 - the democrats never even tried to roll back this gw, hastert, rick santorum rightwing religious garbage with a propagandist intro that lies about there being a "consensus". It was challenged by Dr. Leroy Carhart even though it claims the practice was "disfavored" by abortion doctors. The truth is THE DEMOCRATS ARE ALSO ANTI-ABORTION RIGHTS no matter how much they pay lip service to being otherwise. lucky for them their new favorite so-called women (trans identified males) never need those pesky medical services that only women do #womensrights #abortionrights #democratshatewomen

10/28/2023 10:53pm

Female high school athletes were forced to practice water polo in the ocean and use bathrooms at nearby restaurant - somehow everyone knows who the real females are when they want to lock us out of equal opportunities #womensrights #sexmatters

10/28/2023 10:51pm

13-year-old West Virginian suing to join his school's girl's track team - he is certainly allowed to play sports - he just must play on the team of his sex. his so-called gender identity is immaterial. this also looks like more trans munchausens too #sexNOTgender #sexmatters

10/28/2023 10:46pm

16 year old boy sentenced to 50 years in prison for shooting five-year-old girl - thank goodness oklahoma forced this woman to carry this precious fetus. some woman who wanted an abortion but was made by her forced birth red state (like texas) to have a kid she didn't want that turned out to be a horrible criminal like this, or a victim of one, should try to plead the state in as a responsible third party #prolife #antichoice

10/28/2023 10:26pm

Scientists Conclude That Life on Earth Is Under Siege - there is a lot of other life on earth besides human. yet that is all that most people, including these scientists, seem to care about. we have decimated trillions of other sentient animals. we are the horror, and deserve to be decimated. it is the rest of life on earth we should feel guilty about. but humans are too selfish for that

10/28/2023 10:22pm
twenty three percent of americans have no religion

23%!! and yet the "nones" are basically completely ignored and denigrated #religion #1a

10/28/2023 10:17pm

Migrants are being hired to replace striking hotel workers - real time wage and benefit suppression driven by #overpopulation and illegal immigrant scabs

10/28/2023 10:08pm

People using AI to bring back dead relatives - our lives mean nothing if they are forever and in a box #aiisourgod

10/28/2023 10:06pm

Trans identified 11 year old New York boy becomes Florida parade marshal - disgusting #idiocracy #natalism. this poor boy is now pigeonholed for life. how do more people not see the inherent #sexism in this? if a boy likes "dolls, dresses and sparkly objects" and wants to have long hair then he must be a girl? conversely a girl liking cars and football means she must be a boy? this is just blatant sexism - boys can like dolls, dresses and sparkly objects too. also a big dose of trans munchausen's by proxy seems involved in many of these very early 'transition' cases

10/28/2023 09:56pm

Former Tavistock Doctor says we risk raising a nation of chemically castrated children he says "it's become a new subculture...the current subculture is not a medical condition"

10/28/2023 09:41pm

Rendering the Sexed Body Legally Invisible: How Transgender Law Hurts Women - hate the religiosity dig at abortion rights here but otherwise pretty on point #womensrights #abortionrights

10/28/2023 09:37pm

Women Could Fill Truck Driver Jobs - Companies Won’t Let Them - most of the stories about this describe it as a "gender" #discrimination but it is not. it is SEX DISCRIMINATION #propaganda #sexNOTgender #womensrights

10/28/2023 09:10pm

Stitt critical of former Cherokee AG's nomination for federal judgeship - tribal members get to work, litigate and bargain against regular americans as part of their tribal unit, then also get to turn around and be part of our regular american governments and work against us from within as well. tribal sovereignty, even limited, is the definition of a country divided against itself. tribal members should have to choose - be a tribal citizen/official or an american one. they cannot be both without significant conflicts of interest #unitedwestand #dividedwefall #indiancountry

10/28/2023 09:03pm
united states constitution article one section two

Representative Tom Cole praised former Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson - indian tom cole should probably be constitutionally prohibited from even being a us representative (markwayne mullen too), except our self-serving good old boy system will probably never challenge him, even if oklahoma supreme court rules he doesn't have to pay taxes stroble vs. ok tax commission #indiancountry #dividedwefall #unitedwestand

10/28/2023 07:00pm

Democrat Senator Michael Bennet wants tech giants Meta, Twitter, TikTok and Google to stop the spread of false and misleading content - who decides what's "false"?? in fact, lies and being wrong are protected by #1a in america! we have no ministry of truth (yet!) but has anyone sought to have lyin' biden's official accounts shut down for his lies (propaganda) about 40 beheaded babies?

10/28/2023 06:46pm

marc lamont hill presses former israeli minister danny ayalon
Marc Lamont Hill presses former Israeli minister Danny Ayalon to admit that Israel’s inhumane siege on Gaza is collective punishment - from signedstranger

10/28/2023 06:22pm

Yellen says America can "certainly" afford more wars - we had to force americans in their late 50s to work for food benefits, but somehow the #bipartisan warmongers assure us we can always afford more wars

10/28/2023 06:09pm

EU countries may not extend glyphosate approval - hope they do not approve any more use of this poison!

10/28/2023 05:47pm

Specifically, we do not allow content or events that—through on or off-platform activity—discriminate against, harass, disparage, threaten, incite violence against, or otherwise target individuals or groups based on their actual or perceived race, ethnicity, religion, national origin, immigration status, gender identity, sexual orientation, veteran status, age or disability
Eventbrite Faces Boycott After Riley Gaines Alleges Ban

once again - no mention of SEX discrimination. and this is not the first time eventbrite has done this. they banned kjk's let women speak event last year #womensrights #erasingwomen #itsaboutfairness #sexNOTgender #sexmatters

10/28/2023 05:33pm

Discrimination or harassment of any kind on the basis of race, color, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identification, national origin, sportsball team affiliation, or any other stupid idea someone comes up with to belittle others will not be tolerated.
Trans identified male cyclists take gold AND silver medals at Chicago women's race

but no mention of SEX discrimination #womenssports #erasingwomen #itsaboutfairness #sexNOTgender #sexmatters

10/28/2023 05:25pm
global big tech mass ai surveillance initiative

new ai infused #bigtech mass #surveillance headed our way. now with new and improved machine learning methods to control us with

10/28/2023 04:04pm
masons allow everyone but women

Dance troupe drops 'men' from its name to avoid offending trans and non-binary people but women still aren't allowed - the masons do this too. somehow they always know who the women are when they are excluding us

10/28/2023 03:52pm

California just created the 'Ebony Alert' - wtf is wrong with these people. this appears completely #unconstitutional - a government program cannot be set up to deliberately segregate people by the color of our skin!

10/28/2023 03:42pm

Utah sues TikTok - tiktok is awful but parents should monitor and control their own kids, not expect the federal government to do so via controlling all the rest of us

10/28/2023 03:39pm

Jordan Peterson Says 'Coordinated Attack' Took Down His Instagram - and per usual for those with power and connections he was "quick" to be restored, while the rest of us would languish in limbo forever

10/28/2023 03:33pm

If womens rights are anti trans, then trans rights are anti woman - Riley Gaines #gcaf #womensrights

10/08/2023 11:18pm

trans shooter audrey hale manifesto case appeal - looks like it will have arguments next week. it would be unprecedented to withhold what are obviously public records but governments have been pretty bold in this regard the last while. and lousy mainstream media hasnt said much #publicrecords

10/08/2023 10:57pm

Labour conference boasts of gender-neutral facilities - for reasons besides safety, women at times, DUE TO OUR BIOLOGY, need communal assistance in the bathroom FROM OTHER WOMEN ONLY

10/08/2023 10:52pm

NYC Mayor supports reparations - when do women get reparations for all our forced pregnancies and unpaid domestic labor? oh wait, it's still ongoing

10/08/2023 10:31pm

matt gaetz accidentally exposes aoc working against progressives
Matt Gaetz Accidentally Exposes AOC Working Against Progressives

10/08/2023 09:33pm

matt gaetz booed by politicians for speaking against lobbyists
Matt Gaetz booed for exposing lobbyists and special interest control of US politicians

every single american citizen - except for politicians and lobbyists - cheer this. but politicans and lobbyists boo getting money out of politics (their pockets) #booallyouwant #forcethevote #fire #moreofthisplease

10/08/2023 09:18pm

matt gaetz - speaker mccarthy must be removed
Speaker McCarthy Must Be Removed
#fire #hebroughttheruckus

10/08/2023 08:41pm

Pope says climate action is too slow - the "irresponsible lifestyle connected with the Western model" is the same one as church's - an endless population growth pyramid scheme. oil could be burned with much less impact if it was for a population 1/10th our size. it's more about the scale than each factor

10/08/2023 08:29pm

This Supreme Court's 'Originalism' Doesn't Have Much to Do With History - abortion, gun control, and affirmative action - one of these is not like the others and affects 50% of citizens based solely on our SEX. he also tries to downgrade #2a based on flintlocks being different from a semi-auto but that is like saying the first amendment no longer applies because we didnt have internet then 🙄 #1a #sexmatters #womensrights #abortionrights

10/08/2023 08:24pm

please know every time you ever see politicans pushing "family" policies what they are really talking about reinforcing patriarchy, religion and the subjugation of women #womensrights

10/08/2023 08:22pm

Women Could Be Key to Making America More Affordable the corporatists want women to work more and have more kids. how else can they keep the pyramid scheme going #womensrights #childfree

10/08/2023 08:17pm

Elon Musk’s embryonic Indiscretions and their eerie implications "surrogates, resembling nothing more than broodmares"

10/08/2023 08:12pm

Transgender Claims Rock Asian Games - the response to the allegation that the entrant is trans was "I know what I am. Ask her to show proof" 1- "I know what I am" is not exactly a denial 2- that is not how entering into competition works. entrants are supposed to prove their eligibility, not fellow competitors prove they are not. this looks like another semenya situation #womensrights #sexNOTgender #sexmatters

10/08/2023 03:33pm
world population last twelve thousand years

Brits need to have more children to reduce need for foreign workers - so few realize that it is unethical to continue to rely on the endless ponzi scheme of more people - be they immigrants or offspring - to support our lifestyles. we need to take hard stock of our limits and start trying to live within them #itsmathpeople #overpopulation #pyramidscheme #antinatalism

10/08/2023 03:24pm

CCTV of shoplifters and burglars will be checked against official passport and immigration databases using facial recognition - forget all that 'just for terrorism and worst of the worst' stuff. massive surveillance power has now been turned on shoplifters and petit theft #bigbrother #stopspying

10/08/2023 03:21pm

UN migration chief says private sector desperate to take migrants - pretty surprising that the plantation owners prefer cheap slaves over higher pay, benefits, and non indenture of native civilian workers, or that the globalist managers would prefer to see western wages, benefits and standards driven down to accommodate them

10/08/2023 03:17pm

Abortion bans drive away young doctors - good luck with fewer, older, lousier, dogmatic doctors anti-choice wingnuts #womensrights #abortionrights #prochoice

10/08/2023 01:03am

Braverman takes aim at 'out-of-touch pampered elite' and "the luxury beliefs brigade [who] sit in their ivory towers telling ordinary people that they are morally deficient" - braverman is on fire lately

10/07/2023 11:42pm

Green card processing change means US could lose thousands of foreign faith leaders - good riddance; we have enough of our own domestic religion pushers

10/07/2023 11:40pm

How to see photos of your mail before it arrives this 'wonderful fantastic service' being pushed by this giant corporation is actually quasi governmental federal mass surveillance and was initially implemented surreptiously #bigbrother #stopspying

10/07/2023 11:37pm

tucker carlson has done 28 episodes of his show since leaving fox. 18 of them have been interviews. 18 of those 18 interviews have been with men. as much as he covers some good topics, this is open misogyny

  • andrew tate
  • ice cube
  • devon archer
  • tristan tate
  • steven sund
  • rfk jr
  • vivek ramaswamy
  • aleksandar vucic
  • douglas macgregor
  • trump
  • orban
  • dave portnoy
  • larry sinclair
  • javier milei
  • ken paston
  • bill oreilly
  • victor david hanson
  • chris moritz
10/07/2023 10:43pm

US Accuses China of Spreading Digital Authoritarianism - the lack of self awareness and critique here is astonishing. america is just as bad with corporations and government joined in controlling the people

10/07/2023 10:38pm

Appeals court upholds Tennessee and Kentucky bans on transitioning kids - it cant be "on the basis of sex" when it applies equally to both sexes (there are only two!)

10/07/2023 10:30pm

Trump facing backlash after suggesting Milley committed crimes worthy of the death penalty - what milley did by calling china directly without trump's knowledge or consent was treasonous and he should have been court martialed and charged. it is true treason can face dp. there is no lie here on trump's part

10/07/2023 10:22pm

Gavin Newsome vowed to pick a 'black' woman - this is blatantly #unconstitutional and someone should have sued him for using a skin color preference system for such a critical appointment

10/07/2023 10:19pm

"Intersex is a beautiful thing" - sex is not a spectrum; intersex is a birth defect/disorder. parents make all sorts of decisions for their kids that the kids may not like, now or later. welcome to #antinatalism

10/07/2023 10:08pm

sure see alotta people conflating russell brand being accused of being an abuser by a bunch of women, with it being a big tech social media censorship attack. and is it even really "censorship" when people can still speak but just cant make money off it. meanwhile hordes of gc women have been banished from most platforms

10/07/2023 10:03pm

More benefits only for breeders - if "those families are living paycheck to paycheck" they should not have kids!! #antinatalism #payforyourowndamnedkids

10/07/2023 09:57pm

California law to require gender-neutral bathrooms in schools by 2026 - this is great as long as it also says existing male and female must not be dropped or repurposed for this #sexmatters

10/07/2023 09:52pm

DeSantis and Newsom to Debnate in November - cant stand either of these guys but it's great to see more debates. most politicians are cowards that want to say as little as possible. the public wants to see them speak and argue topics. would be really great to see more women do this - gabbard, haley, warren, etc

10/07/2023 07:51pm

Griner allegedly harassed - griner was not a hostage, so was not "wrongfully" detained, and is probably not even a woman. also mocking is not violence #speechisnotviolence

10/07/2023 06:58pm

Facial Recognition Technology Wrongly Jailed a Man - fixing the 'color bias' wont fix its problem as anti american and anti constitutional. human beings should not be controlled by machines #surveillance #privacy

10/07/2023 06:55pm

#thisweek in #overpopulation

09/23/2023 10:59pm

PayPal Is Using AI - it's good actually that computers are monitoring, tracking and controlling us now 🙄🤪

09/23/2023 10:53pm

Companies such as Amgen, Bayer and Novartis are training AI to scan billions of public health records, prescription data, medical insurance claims and their internal data to find trial patients - in some cases halving the time it takes to sign them up - Big Pharma Bets on AI to Speed up Clinical Trials

seems suspicious that "billions" of records are available via truly informed consent #data #surveillance #privacy

09/23/2023 10:49pm

CA Governor Vetoes Bill Requiring Courts to Weigh Affirmation of Gender Identity - what if a psychiatrist or other professional says they shouldn't affirm and the kid will grow out of it like many do?

09/23/2023 10:44pm

UK's New Online Safety Law Adds to Crackdown on Big Tech - they should all block service in the uk. fuck the monarchy. america has a first amendment because we rejected uk speech policing #data #surveillance #privacy

09/23/2023 10:39pm

Census Bureau Wants to Test Asking About Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity - neither of these is a concrete attribute and the concept of gender identity is rejected by many people and biology itself #sexNOTgender

09/23/2023 10:35pm

Future of 'Artificial Wombs' for Human Preemies to Be Weighed by FDA Advisors - it sounds like they already made up their minds to do this sickening and literally anti-natural thing to save even more fetuses nature is trying to select out

09/23/2023 07:59pm

jimmy dore - digital currency announced at g 20
Jimmy Dore - Digital Currency Announced At G20 Summit

09/23/2023 07:51pm

Republicans soften on federal marijuana reform - except not really. they want to soften things up for cannabis banksters should be the headline

09/23/2023 07:29pm

US Delegation to Discuss Putin's War Crimes Warrant in the Hague
US Official Threatens International Criminal Court – Again - that one is from just 3 years ago. craven warmongers can't even hide their duplicitous self-contradictory schemes

09/23/2023 07:25pm

Carmakers Are Failing the Privacy Test - except it's not really carmakers that are failing here - it's government #data #privacy #surveillance

09/23/2023 07:10pm

University of Arkansas Gets $2.5 Million Grant to Study Exercise and Aging - states that outlaw abortion should get minimal federal research money for anything. their entire population set is skewed. plus they should be punished if democrats really wanted to defend abortion rights #womensrights #abortionrights

09/23/2023 02:10pm

The analysis is also limited by the limitations of the dataset available for re-analysis which lacks differentiation by sex - Mental health of 34% of children on puberty blockers worsened in GIDS study
that break down will be interesting

EHRC Technical guidance for schools updated #sexmatters

09/22/2023 09:22pm

twitter trashed pages when logged out
Twitter Has Trashed Profile Pages When Viewed Logged Out

09/16/2023 12:57am

tucker carlson is up to episode 24 and still no women #erasingwomen #misogyny

09/15/2023 03:03pm
paxton bozos sleazeballs and bumblers

by and large the board of managers lawyers in the ken paxton impeachment trial have looked like bumblers and bozos - except erin epley, she was pretty good. the defense attorneys have looked like mob lawyers and sleazeballs. do they even really want to find him guilty? it didnt look like it. rusty should be in a retirement home playing golf not fumbling around numbers and being outmatched. mr bowtie couldnt get his supporting documents right. gross incompetence all around government #texas #thesepeople #paxtontrial #gerontocracy

08/27/2023 09:14pm

russell brand does not appreciate the first amendment
any and all public officials trying to evade open records laws in whatever manner are despicable oath and law breakers.

but americans should not follow the opinions of a monarchist about when pseudonyms are legitimate. they were part of the founding of our country #1a #freespeech

Pseudonyms and the Debate over the US Constitution

08/27/2023 06:58pm

Librarian shuts down public event for 'misgendering' this librarian should lose their job, hope the lady sues

08/27/2023 06:38pm

Texas Says a Fetus Is a Child, Except When a Formerly Pregnant Woman Sues fetuses are not ever children, pre-born or otherwise. it was a big mistake when democrat voters let religious clinton and religious pelosi go along with gop on enhancing the murder of pregnant women as two crimes. it was obvious where that was going but most modern democrat politicians actually also really want abortion to be illegal

08/27/2023 06:33pm

Danish Government Prepares Bill to Stop Koran Burnings sad to see secular society bowing to the threats of religious nuts having their feelings hurt #wordsarenotviolence #propertycrimeisnotviolence

08/27/2023 05:59pm
medical gender propaganda

at an ent, where primary questions after name are about #gender, and what sex one was "assigned" at birth 🙄 #medical #propaganda #sexNOTgender

08/27/2023 04:32pm

you know you've really cleaned up your online shit when even your fake online birthday passes with no spam anymore #data #surveillance #privacy

08/21/2023 08:42pm

rich men north of richmond by oliver anthony
Rich Men North of Richmond - by Oliver Anthony

08/21/2023 08:31pm

joe biden lies all the time
male lefties have the biological luxury of not noticing that in reality the biggest and most blatant lies any of these democrat mfers have told over the last many decades is that they want to protect women's reproductive rights - not private prisons, immigrants, or even the $2000 check #female #reproductive #slavery

08/21/2023 07:54pm
world population last twelve thousand years graph

our dominance over the planet has made us forget that we are still governed by natural selection
Major 'Population Correction' Coming For Humanity #itsmathpeople #exponential #overpopulation

08/21/2023 07:20pm

Biology matters! And not just in raw strength. Fairness matters! Sex based differences are real, innate, natural and immutable.

It is not bigoted to protect women.

Sex is not a frock, lipstick, or identity; it is our biological reality in all and deepest ways.

Males never face menstrual disruptions for x% of every month. They will never face an unwanted pregnancy.

08/21/2023 07:16pm

they think their opinion can be equally valid
'Do Your Own Research' - Was It Dangerous Advice?

the elitist arrogance of these people is too much

08/21/2023 07:11pm

thank goodness this nutty rich woman britney spears did not birth some more babies to fuck up #antinatalism

08/21/2023 06:58pm

RFK Jr. says he’d sign a 12 week federal abortion ban unlike the 2/3 catholic scotus which is openly religiously hostile to women, the motherfucking catholic democrats like to pretend they are for abortion rights but in reality obama, biden, pelosi, kennedy, etc etc all pay lip service but hate women having rights over our own bodies and choices. a fetus is not a baby - his language gives him away even as he crawfished #womensrights #abortionrights #prochoice

08/13/2023 08:11pm

Teen Survives Nearly 100-Foot Fall at Grand Canyon - these parents should be charged for the rescue and for failing to supervise their stupid kid #idiocracy

08/13/2023 06:51pm
enes freedom protect womens sports

💯 enes freedom, rodman and some others should all get together and form their own wnba team and punish the stupid women going along on this #itsaboutfairness #womenssports #protectwomenssports

08/13/2023 06:45pm

Biden and Dems Hope to Make Curbing 'Junk Fees' a Winning Issue democrats stood by and let the 50% of the country that is female lose rights over our own bodies in 50% of the country, but sure, cell phone fees are the ticket 🙄😬

08/13/2023 06:43pm

divert scarce resources away from public schools that are open to all children regardless of ability, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, or religion

Oklahoma sued for funding US’s first ‘state-sponsored’ religious charter school
SEX is being erased at all levels of law

08/13/2023 06:39pm

Forced to fire illegal workers, Florida restaurant owner seeks change - pretty surprising that restaurant robber barons like that illegal immigrants will work for poverty wages, can't ever complain and keep all wages lower

08/13/2023 06:21pm
19a womens right to vote on the basis of sex

the 19th amendment to the us constitution guarantees women the right to vote ON THE BASIS OF SEX - not gender. and sex based discrimination has already been left out civil rights laws like title ii #sexNOTgender #sexmatters#19a

08/11/2023 10:02pm

democrats election denial
Democrat Election Denial

us general confronted about african coup training
U.S. General Confronted About Overthrowing 11 African Governments

whole foods palm payments
Whole Foods Now Scans Your Palm For Payment


some pretty good jimmy dore clips this week

08/11/2023 09:46pm

Craig Robertson - Trump supporter shot dead in Utah FBI raid outrageous in a long line of outrageous acts by cops. this guy looked stupid and gross. but saying some generic threats on facebook is not a true threat, and it is no different from a group singing that they want to kill the police. unless they are making true direct threats cops arent entitled to go to random people's homes and shoot them down at their own door apparently the preceding is no longer true per Jamal Knox v. Pennsylvania what a horrible turn for america Rutherford Institute Defends Rappers Charged With Terrorism #wordsarenotviolence #fascist #usa

08/09/2023 08:47pm

Twitter said if it had to turn over the records before the judge assessed the legality of the nondisclosure agreement, it would prevent Trump from asserting executive privilege to shield communications made using his Twitter account

it's outrageous that existential questions like this are being decided in secret. and if it is seemingly a non disclosure order why do they keep calling it an agreement. something seems fishy

08/09/2023 08:35pm

Ohio Right to Make Reproductive Decisions Including Abortion Initiative it's always better for women to have more access to safe and legal abortion than less, but this is still bullshit. the proposed constitutional force law will give power over women to doctors rather than women ourselves. what about poor women who may not have a primary/pcp, or incarcerated women, women with controlling husbands. free adult women are who is best positioned to decide if we should have an abortion or not. it would also be nice if WOMEN were mentioned when talking about abortion since we are the only ones that need and can have them #abortionrights #reprorights #womensrights

08/09/2023 06:09pm

tucker on twitter on his own website - tucker covers some good anti war and anti corporate censorship views, but this is now his 14th episode and he has profiled only men. and not just thinkers, but multiple lengthy talks with the rabid misogynist tate brothers #erasingwomen #misogyny

08/09/2023 05:35pm

DeSantis doesnt support punishment for women who violate abortion bans - while no free adult woman should ever face any sort of prosecution for exercising control over her own body, this take from desantis is untrue, religious, male-oriented, and infantilizing. it makes it out like adult women making decisions about our own bodies and lives are somehow victims of sex, men, society, and doctors, rather than masters of our own destinies making our own decisions for ourselves #sexism #womensrights #abortionrights

08/09/2023 05:25pm

Feinstein back home after fall sends her to hospital - this old lady cannot go to the gd bathroom herself, has reportedly given away power of attorney over her own affairs, but is clinging to power over her fellow citizens with a literal death grip. she belongs in an old age home not on the fucking senate judiciary committee or in congress at all actually #gerontocracy

08/08/2023 08:39pm

dems ignore trans mutilation of kids
Democrats walk out rather than see the reality of trans mutilation of kids - The Jimmy Dore Show

08/08/2023 02:24pm

Kids Would Need Parental Permission to Join Social Media - how about we regulate the irresponsible people that keep breeding kids they cannot afford and cannot control. parents should be forced to learn how to restrict content for their kids, not regulate all the rest of adult society because they are too stupid to have not had kids, or to at least control them and their device usage #idiocracy

08/08/2023 12:25am

Missouri anti-choice ponzi schemers fighting women's rights to abortion "These future losses to Missouri from loss of population due to abortion are both absolutely certain (fewer citizens definitely means fewer future taxpayers and laborers) and potentially generational and infinite"

#overpopulation #pyramidscheme on parade

08/06/2023 03:03pm

Ukrainians Move to North Dakota for Oil Field Jobs oil field jobs are good paying jobs that local people want here. these jobs should be going to americans, and maybe they should be incentivizing american women in these positions such as via Women in Apprenticeship & Non-Traditional Occupations instead

08/06/2023 02:58pm

Women in Texas with complicated pregnancies are exempted from a state abortion ban - even when women win here we lose as the judge refers to the prevailing women as "the pregnant person" #womensrights #erasingwomen

08/06/2023 02:43pm
female humans born with all ova

Gov Kevin Stitt Signs "Women’s Bill of Rights" - so unfortunate that shit lib democrats have ceded protecting women's rights, privacy, dignity and sports to rightwing evangelicals. here a female business leader is lauding kevin stitt - a rightwing christian mega breeder that is vehemently into investigating and regulating the inside of women's bodies - as 'having women's backs' because of a simple recognition of sex as dimorphic. but they also then get it wrong that women produce ova; most of us are born with all the ova we will ever have, our mothers produced them #followthescience #womensrights

08/06/2023 12:24am

rfk jr on jimmy dore on climate change
RFK Jr on Jimmy Dore on Climate Change

just a coupla guys, one with half a dozen kids, chatting about impending climate collapse while never mentioning overpopulation, women losing rights over our own bodies and that the reason things got so much worse in the last 50 years is because we doubled from 4,000,000,000 to 8,000,000,000 people in that time. oh and somehow capitalism and economics will save the day; not drastically fewer people and female empowerment

08/05/2023 10:06pm

Amazon, Google, Meta, Microsoft and Other Tech Firms Agree to AI Safeguards Set by the White House - us govt is supposed to regulate these giant tech corporations not collude with them

08/05/2023 09:54pm

DNA of Enslaved Iron Workers - can none of these people even consider for a second that not everyone would want people investigating their bones and that this is very disrespectful to a great deal of people #hubris #humansarehorrible #righttobeleftalone

08/05/2023 09:32pm

Three Mile Island - money can never buy back clean air, water and land #nonukes

08/05/2023 09:15pm

all cops are bastards by the four skins
A.C.A.B. - The 4 Skins

08/05/2023 09:01pm

why cant the people that now admit they were totally and completely wrong to support going to war in iraq, now stfu and listen to the people that were right about iraq w/r/t ukraine (it seems like a whole lot of the same people!)

08/05/2023 08:34pm

Donate to Tickle vs Giggle - this is an australian female rights case #womensrights

08/05/2023 08:07pm

The constitutional right to a unanimous death penalty verdict - the death penalty has no place in a civilized society. this makes good points on at least requiring it be by unanimous jury of peers

08/05/2023 07:42pm

how tf is jane's addiction advertising hawaiian buns and guardians of the galaxy now? #onlythegooddieyoung

08/05/2023 05:25pm

Black Republicans rebuke DeSantis over Florida history standards - weird how these gop evangelical men of all colors tell women the lie that the rape babies they force them to bear are a nice silver lining gift from god; but the historical fact that learning a skill could help a man escape, or make a living after escaping, is verboten #sexism

08/05/2023 05:09pm

Austrian Leader Backs Enshrining Cash in Constitution this should not be a right or left issue - the right to use cash is the right to pay anonymously #privacy #anonymity

08/04/2023 07:35pm

a common refrain from trans rights activists about males feeling entitled to invade women's public bathrooms is 'i just shit and piss, wash my hands and leave like everyone else does'. but this is a completely male-oriented view, and not what actually takes place in restrooms biological women use.

women have periods, sometimes unexpectedly. that at times means asking for assistance, pads and/or tampons from other women. sometimes it means washing your bloody panties out in the sink. sometimes women express milk, or feed their infant, or have a miscarriage, or post abortion or birth bleeding issues, or their water breaks. all of these relate to women's biological functions as female. males of any type do not belong in these spaces for the privacy, dignity and safety of women. that most trans identified males don't even have these things cross their minds shows just how much not-women they are

08/04/2023 07:09pm

Individual Justices, rather than the Court, decide recusal issues. If the full Court or any subset of the Court were to review the recusal decisions of individual Justices, it would create an undesirable situation in which the Court could affect the outcome of a case by selecting who among its Members may participate. - Statement on Ethics Principles and Practices

what this statement actually says is they do not trust each other's motives. they want us to trust them to act ethically, but do not trust each other to act in the interest of justice rather than seeking to affect an outcome 🤔 it also drives home that quite a few more justices would help mitigate this issue since any one being recused would be one of 15 instead of one of nine #math #scotus #hubris

08/03/2023 10:01pm

it doesnt matter how well known trump is or how often he's been photographed - a mugshot is different and if they dont stand him up for one in georgia it shows the real deal is set before it even started. and today's ota tv specials about it was state run media 101 on display 🤮

07/31/2023 09:08pm

The Bidens have always been in the business of influence peddling - whats really surprising is that anyone is still surprised by biden lying

07/29/2023 05:12pm

paula scanlan testifies about trans in womens sports at house judiciary
Former UPenn swimmer Paula Scanlan testifies before the House Judiciary Committee about trans identified males in women's sports

07/29/2023 04:49pm

Could artificial wombs help save fetuses this is sickening. mankind is 8 billion people now. we certainly do not need to, and should not, take such unnatural and extraordinary measures to save something nature wants to cull #biology #naturalselection #hubris

07/29/2023 04:41pm

North Carolina's Flagship School Bars Use of Race, Sex in Admissions "race, sex, color or ethnicity" - one of these things is not like the others - sex is a real biological dimorphic fact, while the others are slippery social constructs #womensrights

07/29/2023 04:35pm

seen an awful lot of stories lately saying cops are "pinging" people's phones and haven't seen them also mention a warrant to do so. our phones are digital leashes now

07/29/2023 04:27pm

someone should run not just on a "NONE OF THE ABOVE" constitutional amendment but also on impeaching every single sitting scotus judge. they are all corrupt and our system could use a good reset, where all our officials are reminded they answer to us not themselves #noneoftheabove #impeachthemall #gerontocracy

07/29/2023 04:17pm
article three of the constitution

Justice Alito says Congress lacks the power to impose an ethics code on SCOTUS fuck alito and the bible he rode in on. the us constitution says even scotus judges "shall hold their Offices during good Behavior" - well guess what - nowhere in american jurisprudence does someone get to decide for themselves whether their own behavior is good or not. that is rule of law 101. as their power is "vested" that also implies we the people have given them that authority, and we the people are most directly represented through congress. our entire system is supposed to be set up where each branch checks the other - the justices aren't actually appointed by god despite what the evangelicals would like us to believe

07/29/2023 04:01pm

Katie Ledecky Passes Michael Phelps for Most Individual Golds ledecky is just lucky phelps didnt decide to be trans

07/14/2023 08:13pm
pence looks like a dead fish

pence is mr "pro-life" cluster bombs - he tries so hard to be likeable but comes across like a dead fish #prolife #clusterbombs

07/14/2023 05:02pm

the constitutional amendment someone should run on is "NONE OF THE ABOVE". we the people need to stop letting these pathetic corporatist uniparty pukes force voters into choosing one of them or the other. there needs to be a refusal option for all federal office holder elections that forces them back to the ballot if none are any good. it would end the duopoly's stranglehold #powertothepeople

07/14/2023 04:34pm

one of the lamest things democrats have done lately is trying to frame everything the gop does they dont like as "extreme maga". the second that phrase appears it gets a laugh and then turning the page/channel #weaksauce

07/13/2023 06:13pm

when it comes to medical care, safety, privacy, and athletics, biological sex differences matter. Ignoring this reality has serious consequences—consequences for which females often pay a heavy price - There Is Only Male and Female. Women Pay the Price When We Pretend Otherwise #womensrights #biology #sexmatters

07/05/2023 10:29pm

joe rogan and ice cube talk trans
another great joe rogan - lotta laughs but on a serious topic. tqias+$$ backlash, how once kid rock is shooting up your product youve got problems and how males of any type or appearance do not belong in women's sports. psst women drink beer too - esp bud light is why it was so insensitive #womensrights #fairness

07/03/2023 11:02pm
tucker carlson nothing to see on twitter

yikes tucker carlson went from bad to worse counting on musk

07/03/2023 10:44pm

that time the us solicitor general blatantly lied to scotus to maintain section 702 and nothing happened about it our current societal sickness of illegality and lawlessness flows from the top down for a long time now #endfisa702

07/03/2023 10:17pm
biden nominates republican ftc

Biden Names Two Republican Nominees for FTC Commissioner - open mockery of dems/biden's own alleged positions. he nominated the guy that helped engage the gorsuch kavanaugh barrett strategy that stole #abortionrights from american women. wake up democrats- both halves of the duopoly are conservative parties

06/30/2023 09:41pm
joe mixon jury trial august 14 2023

joe mixon has had a jury trial date set for aggravating menacing; not that anyone would know it from looking at news online. he is alleged to have waved a gun in the face of a gal during a road rage incident on his way to the playoffs in buffalo earlier this year. local media in cincinnati seems to have a near blackout on any coverage of his court dates, including that a date for a jury trial has been set for august 14, 2023. it looks on the paper like it could also maybe say 8/19/23. ambiguous markings and dates have been a feature of the records in the joe mixon aggravated menacing case #joemixon #coverup

rumble test
Joe Mixon Alleged Menacing January 2023 - Video 1

rumble test
Joe Mixon Alleged Menacing January 2023 - Video 2

rumble test
Joe Mixon Alleged Menacing January 2023 - Video 3

06/30/2023 06:50pm
dead bird app

Twitter isn’t letting users view the site without logging in - today twitter cut off any access unless logged in. no more hashtags (though theyre easily viewable on many non-native sites 🤭) - but in really crazy fashion is cutting off even direct tweet link access. so all that tucker carlson and new 'content creator split' shit is going to be verified user only just like facebook/meta/insta and apple. millions that find/access people's channels are cut off unless they go along on the oligarch power play. (DONT DO IT!) the corporate government has jointly seized control of our identities in all public space in toto now #deletefacebook #deletetwitter

06/26/2023 07:39pm

dennis rodman was saying fuck you to sex stereotypes since the 80s. now someone ask him if all his gender fucking means he should have been able to play in the wnba and enter womens locker rooms and general public bathrooms #womensrights

06/26/2023 02:10am

any impassioned third year law student with her heart full of fire for women to keep #abortionrights could have done a ten times better job arguing for those rights in dobbs at scotus. instead we got lousy ass dems like julie rikelman who somehow win even when they lose it all for the rest of us. it's almost like the democrats like these #antichoice outcomes 🧐 Senate confirms Julie Rikelman

06/25/2023 11:29pm

anti-choice zealots in government are currently the biggest and worst threat to the suspension of rights for the 50% of society that is female. it is great to see ny is doing something about it! gov hochul expands medication abortion access nationwide. and so, soon, we will be rounding up some links and adding a page for abortion resources - to include ny telehealth abortion providers, menstrual extraction details, and more - to counter these worst of real life rights suspensions #womensrights #abortionrights #forcedpregnancyisliteralslavery

06/25/2023 12:59am

so bummed last ep of from season 2 is tomorrow and with the writers strike who knows if it will be back 😔

06/25/2023 12:56am

thats what a real armed insurrection looks like shit libs mercenaries halt advance on moscow

06/23/2023 09:57pm
trans language abuses women

this is language abuse that erases women as a sex class

06/21/2023 08:43pm

democrats have been lying about being pro choice for decades
even on the anniversary of dobbs democrats dont introduce a womens right to abortion act. nope. it's #equalityact - gotta also include trans rights to impersonate us; forced pairing to women's detriment. unfortunately most dems are too brainwashed to notice theyre getting played

06/21/2023 08:29pm

National Panhellenic Conference enforcing trans gender ideology - The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command

06/21/2023 07:53pm

Michael Shellenberger - Exposing the censorship industrial complex shellenberger is a bit too much of a musk bro at times, and there is no such thing as musk derangement syndrome. he is a goddam oligarch controlling and steering a huge chunk of our society. but he is pretty right on this topic. few people notice let alone call out the five eyes shuffle. it should maybe be called the industrial censorship complex though. they just do the shit illegally long enough that it cant be rolled back. and newsflash - obama and snowden were both cia ops #limitedhangout #welcometothefuture #therearenogoodbillionaires

06/14/2023 11:50pm

from s02 e08 twisted dickinson quote...

And sings the tune without the words –
And never stops – at all –
Forever is composed of nows
#fromonmgm #clue

06/14/2023 03:07am

again trump gets away without a mug shot as the establishment assures us there is only one set of rules

06/14/2023 02:09am

expect trump to have a massive coronary while at a microphone sometime soon

06/14/2023 01:46am

new tucker episode - there must be some twitter loophole because he isnt posting on youtube, rumble, or his own site

martyr is pretty strong. if he really believed what he is saying then they should abandon efforts to castigate women who want #abortionrights and call over all the gender critical and suburban women fed up af with women competing against males and being called cis, womb/period havers or menstruaters. it's not like anyone in politics cannot completely do an about face on anything at any moment

06/11/2023 11:38pm
websters google ai what is a woman

webster's dictionary online - via google ai? "automated security checks" - has turned away a simple non-threatening factual comment #thanksobama

FEMALE PERSONS do not "produce eggs". In fact our mothers produce our eggs for us while in utero and we are born with them. This fallacy/misinformation in your definition has been spread wide and far. Sad that even the dictionary, that is claiming to tell us what a woman is, does not even correctly identify and describe human female biology. https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/female (2 of 2)

06/07/2023 02:48am

i saw a ufo one time back in about 97 or 98. i was a cocktail waitress and stone cold sober driving home at ~3am when on an oklahoma state highway i saw a large cube zoom down then go very slow. it was internally lit and a fucking cube. i remember just staring up at it as i passed by- it just hovered there. this is back in the pre cell days. i can still see it in my mind like yesterday #aiisourgod

06/07/2023 02:24am

good grief just flipped by @abc and see they are doing some sort of trans propaganda special. wonder which billionaire &/or pharma pac paid for that. weird i dont recall big old tv specials about gender critical feminists running in womens month

06/06/2023 02:59pm

that was quick. but as rfk jr fawns over musk and backtracks on supporting roger waters he has already lost my support 😔

06/05/2023 05:56pm

when rightwing anti-choicers talk about "the abortion industry" what that really means is WOMEN. they hate women, and especially women that control our own lives #abortionrights #womensrights

06/05/2023 01:45am

lousiana forcing adults to provide digital license online used to appreciate sen mike lee as a constitutional conservative who fought unconstitutional online/data surveillance. even if disagreeing on choice, and mormon men being generally religiously annoying, he always seemed to really try to be internally consistent and considered. remember when red states resisted #realid #digitalid haha #goodtimes this is crazytown that in his religious zeal to clamp down on porn he is tossing online privacy to the wolves. parents should protect their own damned kids and not outsource it to big tech/govt and gatekeep all adults visiting a website. he wants to enforce a universal id check for porn but not guns 😅🤣😂 (neither is the correct answer!) 'think of the children' is an oft used pretext for sliding on down the slope of further surveillance, control and social credit

06/04/2023 11:41pm

robert f kennedy junior for president
dont agree with a lot of his ideas, and cant believe that in my entire lifetime it's like we've had a pool of ~25 families to choose from, but he is right on ukraine, and america needing to face up to currently being a corporate kleptocracy. cant fix it till we admit it. rfk jr for president (but he should be careful, the cia might take him out too)

06/04/2023 07:26pm

Parent files suit after teen daughter ‘severely beaten’ by trans student many democrats tell us things like this never happen. but they do. here a 15 year old girl was violently assaulted by a 17 year old male in the girls locker room. there is absolutely no excuse for schools to allow males into girls private spaces no matter what mental disorder or identity they claim to have

06/04/2023 03:35pm
no nina turner feminists know what a woman is too

nina turner is toeing the democratic party line and feigning ignorance about what a woman is, and claiming 'what is a woman' is just a rightwing discussion. and that any old man who wants to say he feels like a woman can be one. matt walsh is a sexist pig that wants to take all credit for resisting gender ideology when feminists have been doing it since the 70s- with a slur made up for us in the 80s

if we cannot define ourselves as a (biological) SEX class we cannot defend our sex based rights. those include fairness in sports, privacy in bathrooms and locker rooms, not being housed with males in prison, the right to abortion, not being jacketed with male crime, and many more. feminists know what a woman is too, and there were quite a few in her replies, including berners

as she now is claiming people should just accept all men's self-id and 'keep moving', women in prisons cannot just move on when they are raped by males claiming to be 'trans women'. apparently those women are just canon fodder for gender ideology affirmation. also funny how she complains of enriching billionaires like musk AS SHE PAYS HIM FOR A CHECKMARK ahhaha. now if someone can just corner her on what a 'black person' is and if she was this cool with rachel dolezal self-id'ing

06/03/2023 07:46pm
husband wife marriage child

i was always against gay marriage. because i'm against all marriage as a government run institution. it's a primarily religious concept that works to the detriment of women's rights. citizens should be free to have all the religious ceremonies and private contracts they want but government shouldnt be in the business of officiating, approving and institutionalizing marriage. husband, wife, marriage or child appear literally not once in the us constitution. instead of countering dogma the gays swallowed it, right about the same time the t started getting pushed on the lgb

06/03/2023 07:24pm
women do not produce eggs

i've tried to contact legislators, feminists and christian rights activists about this and none will listen. women do not "produce" ova (eggs), which is what the model language a lot of the red state trans laws are using says. women are born with all the eggs we will ever have and then release them roughly once a month after puberty. there were some stem cell studies a while back (for the trans agenda of males carrying babies?) that suggested some new ones could be spurred. however, the rule, just like males cannot be females and the 1.7% of dsds doesnt create a new sex, is that women are born with all the eggs we will ever have. our mothers made them when we were in utero and a big chunk are dead and gone by the time we hit puberty. then it's a monthly die off until we're left with a few at menopause. it's sad and frustrating how even so many women are ignorant about female biology #justthefactsjack

06/03/2023 02:22pm

no matt walsh did not 'start a movement to protect women and children from radical gender ideology' matt walsh also likes to call every blue hair, tranny and shit lib a leftist; but gender ideology, crt and any other identity based politic are the opposite of class politics. and many women have been against it for ages, myself since early-mid 90s. today leftist women are called conservatives, and reactionary neoliberals are called leftists #upisdown #goodisbad i wish walsh would debate a real leftist feminist woman. i would def pay to see a matt walsh vs kara dansky verbal wrestling match

06/03/2023 02:13pm

dems claim to be frustrated by their own bad dealings - democrats could have done the debt ceiling when the held all three levers. instead they waited then complained how they were 'held hostage'- but they held themselves hostage. rightwing biden and his 'centrist' dems gave food benefits to working age men and war mongers while taking food benefits from the elderly and women who wont have #babiesforthestate #theyrethesameparty

06/03/2023 01:10pm
musk what is a woman

once again, high profile people with connections are reinstated, unrestricted and promoted. but how many thousands or even millions of people have also been shadow banned, blocked, suspended and silenced with no matt walsh to draw attention to it. these content policers at twitter have been attacking gender critical women for many years now. but when a religious man and organization are restricted suddenly it's pinned-tweet-worthy. also all people - especially women - should watch the movie. not just 'parents'- who are in fact those most responsible for all the horrors we see in society today. musk's own schtick of naming his kid the same thing he names his wannabe everything app shows how natalism is really just a selfish conceited ownership racket and ponzi scheme by the robber barons

05/31/2023 05:55pm

everyone already knows how ou and oklahoma officials covered up for joe mixon smashing in a random coed's face and menacing a meter maid. now cincinnati is in on it.

joe mixon is alleged to have pointed a gun in a woman's face there during a traffic incident on his way to the playoffs, the charges were dropped in an obviously political move, then they were re-filed but si doesn't mention that in an update. meanwhile local station wlwt posts that his next court appearance was set for May 15 but it was actually set for this morning 5/31/2023 and they never corrected that blatant obvious error and the court does not show any update yet. and instead of media reporting about any of this, they instead ran a bunch of articles how the cop in the first case was reprimanded because once again it appears there is video footage of joe mixon menacing a woman from the stadium he plays at and the cop acted on it without going through political channels. the da and court also list the case as joe mixon rather than his legal name as anyone else would be listed #thefixisin #readthenflscript

05/30/2023 08:59pm

usps surveillance bipartisan senate letter maybe instead of strongly worded letters and kind requests they could do their jobs and make some laws protecting americans 4th and 5th amendment rights #1a #4a #surveillance #privacy

05/30/2023 07:45pm

is jack dorsey an #antinatalist?

05/28/2023 05:22pm

america's legislative representatives are supposed to legislate in our legislature. giant spending and payment packages arent supposed to be decided in #antidemocratic backroom deals by a small cabal of bought off plutocrats #debtceiling

05/28/2023 05:06pm

not only is right wing biden not going to fully protect snap/food stamps- he's actually going along on the joint duopoly goals of more war and #overpopulation. this cuts against single women who wont make #babiesforthestate, and people who are against war. it expands benefits for "veterans" - which since there is no draft or real declared war for many decades - means people who willingly made kids to voluntarily sign up to support and advance global corporate weaponry and big tech war missions. it is not equal protection when women who keep having babies every 6 years never get cut off from food aid, but women who do not face restriction. and the lousy ass fucking democrats will never do anything about it because the big lie is that there are anything but right wing parties in dc #14a

05/27/2023 11:56pm

3 women, 64 grandchildren this is the #exponential #population #pyramidscheme in action - 64 motherfucking grandkids in two generations! #itsmathpeople

05/27/2023 09:47pm
paxton impeached

wowza paxton is impeached

05/27/2023 09:26pm

the level of religiosity on the texas house floor is grotesque and unamerican. and democrats will never do anything about it #impeachpaxton

05/27/2023 04:22pm
ryan walters is some sort of closet case

no one should be at all surprised if it winds up coming out down the road that ryan walters is some sort of pervert closet case; a lot of uberly religious men are. Donald Trump's Oklahoma campaign chair Ralph Shortey pled guilt to child sex trafficking with a teenage male prostitute. and walters own campaign manager jonathan alberto hernandez was convicted of pedo related activities too

05/27/2023 03:21am
ryan walters osde age restricted video

kevin stitt's personal little hand picked screeching monkey ryan walters has some sort of weird texas incel campaign "taking a bazooka to the gates of hell" that involves this official oklahoma state department of education youtube video titled "public awareness campaign - teacher unions" set to age restricted 🤣😂🙃 is he paying that guy and with what money? per this article matt langston is the ryan walters campaign spokesman. but the campaign is over- and i dont think office holders are allowed to use oklahoma state funds to facilitate an ongoing continuing neverending anti woke election campaign. time to do things and be accountable mr superintendent

05/26/2023 03:35pm

first there is sex. everything else is class

05/26/2023 03:31pm

sex is recorded at birth, not assigned - other than the 'left' injection this is spot on (democrats are not any sort of left - america has two right wing authoritarian war and cop-loving parties now)
sex is observed, and then recorded, at birth. it's an administrative task. occasionally a very small amount of errors occur - both biologically and while recording. humans are still sexually dimorphic

05/26/2023 03:08pm

every single jan 6 prosecution is illegitimate because they didnt start with trump and his inner circle. he was the inciter in chief

05/25/2023 04:15pm

"The update also requires, for the first time, more extensive data collection measures"
enhanced identity surveillance- but it's for our own good of course- to prevent the profiling they must expand the profiling justice department expands surveillance

05/23/2023 07:29pm

agree it is all a televised production. frustrating he's blocking free comments. i'd have asked why no mention of the platinum trillion dollar coin- i think that one would work and the 14th does work for some, esp social security. also they could 'suspend' the debt ceiling indefinitely by just setting it to be some calculation against whatever is appropriated. also it's hilarious how the gop slammed on barrett and kavanaugh illicitly, ignored the debt celiling under trump, and yet still dems are like oh no we dont want to have a lawsuit about anything ever The debt ceiling isn't what you think it is

05/23/2023 07:10pm

little tied up with climate change atm. think i did peak a 50's-ish lesbian (probably) fema woman about gender ideology; and a dhs worker on #antinatalism so at least there's that. oh- and fyi- snap is reviewing line item food purchases now, not just aggregate amounts or type. plus the federal government is implementing 'one login' at login.gov for most federal programs. just in case anyone isnt sure- #socialcredit is already here in america #authoritarianism #data #surveillance #privacy

05/18/2023 01:09pm

joe biden is such an embarrassment- and how is that rightwing reptile looking motherfucker even still alive. hopefully he drops dead before the next general election. really i hope nancy pelosi, mitch mcconnell and joe biden all do the country a favor and die as soon as possible #wishingharm #dieboomerplutocrats

05/17/2023 03:35pm

another msm propaganda piece twisting sexual attraction up with gender dysphoria #sexNOTgender #LGBdroptheT the lgb will never be truly free and equal as long as trans is force paired. one is private adult activity; the other is a mental identity disorder

05/16/2023 09:48pm

NLPC Chairman Peter Flaherty is Arrested During Berkshire Shareholder Proposal Presentation We know how much Bill Gates cares about children. He met and traveled with Jeffrey Epstein many times after Epstein was convicted of sex crimes.

05/14/2023 06:24pm

they should have just called it lost again - from is too simple of a name to be a good catch, plus switching around from epic to mgm didnt help. but i do still like the show #teamdonna

05/14/2023 06:03pm

motherless children by gary floyd
motherless children - by gary floyd and buddha bros, filmed by lilmikesf

05/13/2023 07:51pm
rainbow in the land of disaster

a crescent rainbow in the land of perpetual disaster

05/10/2023 12:50am

very disappointing to see tucker carlson further cozy up to musk, and also to pretend twitter is a bastion of free, rather than paid, speech

05/09/2023 07:28pm

GUILTY!! e. jean carroll is a fucking hero #donthecon #metoo

05/09/2023 05:12pm
riley gaines call to action for women

i support riley gaines' efforts 💯 but she should find a better place to do this besides twitter. what a pathetic affair that is now with all the fake blue check creepy incels and musk loving betas crammed to the top of replies. blech. she has the profile and recognition that she should be starting a non-profit site with an app to track female athletes who want to sign a declaration of female sportswomen in unison #womensrights #sexNOTgender

05/09/2023 01:08am

Home Remedies for Abortion in my 20s i had an unwanted pregnancy and couldnt afford an abortion. (this was long before medication abortion) i wound up using a heavy mix of black cohosh, blue cohosh, penny royal and mugwort while taking a very long steaming almost boiling hot bath - and was never so happy to finally see the blood clots in the toilet. but it is dangerous and should only be used in the most dire circumstance. i was extremely ill afterward for many days and probably really poisoned myself. it was better than having a kid though! this is what scotus has driven women to who have unwanted pregnancies in this supposedly modern country. men can never stop abortion - only safe abortion #abortionrights are #womensrights

05/08/2023 09:20pm

Why So Many Mass Killings? - O V E R P O P U L A T I O N ! ! also, people that are prepared to ignore laws against murder will not be stopped by any other laws. we need drastically fewer people, yet the entire us government runs on a #population #pyramidscheme. and our news orgs employ deliberate ignorance about it because all corporate systems run on endless growth ponzi schemes #overpopulation

05/08/2023 05:36pm

Only a strike will end this madness women need to refuse to compete against males invading women's sports! even though it is damaging to women to strike, it is damaging to compete against males too. agp and mentally ill males are stealing our honors and opportunities; society cannot endorse or continue to allow this recent fiction harming women

05/07/2023 12:16am

as a huge fan of justin amash i'm glad to see him move at least somewhat off twitter, and even understand why he would pay for blue since he's an advanced pro bookmark user. but disappointed to see his substack will be pay to comment 😞

05/06/2023 09:53pm

the anniversary of the #movebombing is coming up. this made a huge impression on me growing up in this area and time. many people try to characterize it as a 'black' movement but there were 'whites' in the group too, and the man who authorized the bombing is 'black'. they were hated because they were dirty radical anti-capitalists that challenged the government, not because of what color they were/are. it isnt helpful to frame it otherwise #powertothepeople

05/04/2023 02:14pm

as our corporate duopoly and plutocrat overlords try to convince people to do away with passwords, in favor of biometrics, device auth or hardware keys - remember - passwords are speech and as such protected by #1a and #5a - all those others are not!! google wants to kill off passwords #worldpasswordday

05/04/2023 12:05am

The group alleged that the tech company had shared private user information through PRISM, a U.S. National Security Agency surveillance programme #surveillance #privacy
South Korea's Top Court Tells Google to Disclose PRISM Sharing

05/03/2023 11:59pm

women's history should be for six months not one #wearehalftheworld #womensrights

05/03/2023 11:37pm

US Concerned by China's 'Punitive' Actions americans are worried about 'China's new counterespionage law, which bans the transfer of any information related to national security and broadens the definition of spying' #potmeetkettle

05/03/2023 11:32pm

'not how white men fight' is hardly earth shattering racism any more than saying 'white' men cant jump or that 'blacks' eat soul food. the establishment has joined together to smear tucker carlson because he was anti-war. but it might have already gone bad when he got the #jan6th docs from mccarthy Embarrassing Reports on Carlson Pile Up

05/03/2023 09:50pm

Lawsuit Begins Over 'Kansas Two Step' the constant onslaught of propaganda language, especially against women, is over the top. women are discriminated on the basis of our SEX, not gender. even here - this is about privacy and official misconduct - and women's interest is misstated #sexNOTgender #privacy

05/03/2023 09:42pm

Scientists Warn of AI Dangers wolves, foxes and coyotes discuss whether to protect the chickens #ai

05/03/2023 08:09pm

forcing women to compete against and be beaten by males in sports and accept them into our private spaces is just another patriarchal subjugation of women. everyone knows who the real women are when men want to fuck us, control our rights to #abortion and/or carry babies. another 'champion woman' that is male and yet approved of by sports officials #womensrights #lgb ✂️✂️✂️tqiaxyz++$ #lgbdropthet

05/02/2023 05:43pm
antinatalist woman in the wild

fellow #antinatalist woman spotted randomly in the wild =)

04/30/2023 04:22pm

Authorities say DNA evidence has proven a man who died in prison was responsible for 1984 murder this thing where prosecutors and cops have started to announce people as posthumously guilty of crimes needs to stop. people in america are presumed innocent until proven guilty in court, not by cops. cops lie, cops are wrong, cops mishandle evidence, dna can be faked. it would be one thing to couch these statements but they have started doing these proclamations like they are the final say-so of dead people's guilt #dueprocess

04/28/2023 06:02pm

secret deodorant trans male in bathroom commercial
this man should not be in the women's restroom unless the women in there invited him (clearly they did not). this guy's mental angst does not trump #womensrights to safety, #privacy and dignity. it's shameful how giant corporations are pushing this misogyny. secret hates women #sexNOTgender

04/28/2023 05:38pm

FBI's special agents search for U.S. citizens using FISA Section 702 no american's data should be available to them at all without a warrant particularly describing them as an individual under probable suspicion of a crime. unfortunately both american parties are actually one american party now and it loves #surveillance #endfisa702

04/28/2023 04:28pm

just a reminder that federalist society member and the guy who let kavanaugh on scotus by deep sixing legitimate inquiry into blasey ford's allegations - chris wray - is still director of the fbi under #rightwing biden. both halves of the us duopoly are firmly gripped into war, surveillance and control now #deepstate #fascism

04/27/2023 07:09pm

identity politics is the opposite of equality

04/27/2023 05:50pm

imagine how much better america could be if for every minute a citizen spent reading a bible and proselytizing they spent reading and advancing our constitution. neither half of the duopoly seems interested in it anymore

04/25/2023 10:25pm

glinner deserves to be suspended after paying musk and groveling to get back on that shit hole #blocktheblue #paypigs

04/25/2023 10:15pm

July 4th fireworks damage the environment A growing body of research has found that the noise and light from fireworks, as well as the chemicals that create the colorful explosions, “contribute significantly to chemical pollution of soil, water and air, which has implication for human as well as animal health #climatechange #overpopulation

04/25/2023 09:51pm

musk has made it so people cannot view hashtags or search on twitter without being logged in now (hashtags are just a search). so instead people press and hold the text and choose search in their device and it drives people off the site 🙃 😂

04/22/2023 10:16pm

some of Twitter's most popular accounts are going full steam ahead with #BlockTheBlue, a campaign to block all users paying $8 to Elon Musk for a blue checkmark
#blocktheblue #elon #paypigs

04/22/2023 10:10pm
williamlegate block the blue

mr #freespeech is threatening suspensions for trying to block all his paid shills #blocktheblue #elon #paypigs

04/22/2023 09:53pm
block the blue pay pigs

🤣🤣🤣 musk will use twitter to do tech bro psych control and conditioning and you will like it!! #blocktheblue #elon #paypigs

04/17/2023 06:11pm

sex is a biological marker; trans is a mental disorder. the two should not in any natural manner be associated with each other. similarly sexual orientation- also about sex as a bio marker wrt to attraction. people deserve compassion, not society joining their delusions at the expense of females as a sex class #womensrights

04/17/2023 04:28pm

it isnt only rightwingers that have a problem with an emaciated twink mocking women while allegedly representing women for giant #bekind corporate beer sponsors #whoopi #theview #feminism

04/12/2023 05:53pm

i guess we're all still playing along on this delusion now too. there is no such thing anymore, with dna and genetic genealogy, as anonymously dropping a baby off at a firehouse. proclamations of dna guilt have been regularly popping up now too, even posthumously, and going back to the 50s and 60s, and against prior legal presumptions of innocence without finding of guilt by jury. it's as though there are some automated/ai mass scale dna scans being run now that they'll admit in ten years and say oh yeah it's a feature not a bug. no one can be free, anonymous, and left alone any more #surveillance #privacy #anonymity Florida Fight Over 'Baby Boxes' Part of Bigger Culture War

04/12/2023 05:08pm

as taiwan suddenly has become an issue it's worth remembering that as much as the democrats claim to be against trump and gop they joined with them to cook up this provocative new policy on taiwan just five years ago and democrats have eagerly joined in taunting china since, after decades of stability. theyre all warmongers H.R.535 - Taiwan Travel Act 115th Congress (2017-2018) Co-Sponsors

04/12/2023 04:54pm

Digidog is out of the pound, said Adams, a Democrat and former police officer. Digidog is now part of the toolkit that we are using Robotic Dog Rejoins New York Police #surveillance #dystopia #thanksdemocrats

04/12/2023 04:32pm
there is no left in american politics cenk uygur

first there is no left in america and it certainly isnt cenk or any of the democrats. there are two corporate war parties. the american overton window has ratcheted steadily rightward since the late 70s to where nixon would be called radical now #thanksobama #thanksclinton but the identity politics angle isnt extreme left wing as cenk calls it- they're a gender religious cult. a big chunk of society has perverted female sex based reality lately and what liberation means in that regard. erasing women as a sex class for the benefit of any type of male is not leftism. all class war starts with women's liberation, and beyond that - class - not identity #saywomen

04/12/2023 03:31pm
brittney griner broke russian law

brittney griner broke russian law and smuggled contraband into a foreign country known to strictly enforce such things. gross stupidity or something else. russia should have released chromosomal testing for griner's prison placement. the whole thing seems like a spooks op

04/12/2023 03:16pm
the only way mankind survives #overpopulation #idiocracy with any semblance of humanity is if a lot more people choose #antinatalism. 1 in 5 Michigan Adults Say They Don't Want Kids
04/12/2023 02:23pm

We are our biology. We are oppressed as a result of our biology, and no amount of wishing and hoping is going to stop that The religion of gender #womensrights

04/12/2023 02:01pm

the reason women have to be so fearful of nationwide persecution and prosecution for abortion now is another #thanksobama (stacked on top of obama blatantly lying to women/voters about the freedom of choice act. without EHRs (electronic health records) forced on us all as part of obamacare it would be almost impossible for the witch burners to find which of us has abortions. now biden will pretend to cook up some extra privacy regulations around those particular records but if they hadnt forced us into them to begin with this would not be the issue it is now. all our health records used to be controlled by we the patients not our doctors and an intrusive administrative surveillance state

04/09/2023 09:59pm

matt walsh trans biology
what matt walsh does not mention or seem to consider here is that when some women are not getting pregnant it's because we are taking birth control because we do not want to be

04/09/2023 06:56pm

its just math. more people make this problem worse not better most west coast salmon fishing shut down #itsmathpeople #overpopulation

04/09/2023 06:33pm

good to see but they should be calling them "menstrual products". feminine hygiene is very sanitizing and these products are for menstruation purposes. women use them because we menstruate. while hygienic, we're not trying to be feminine about blood clots and tissue, which is the reality of women's monthly experience. not only does the bill call them feminine but the article never even uses the word menstruation either. female bodily processes are not shameful SC House OKs Tax Cut on Feminine Hygiene Items #saywomen

04/09/2023 06:10pm

ilhan omar is all identity politics no substance. did anyone closely inspect whether she committed immigration fraud, or violated incest and bigamy laws with her brother cousin marrying green card scheme ilhan omar's dnc rehabilitation is underway

04/09/2023 05:41pm

so much wrong in this story Female Afghan Veterans Work Toward Fresh Start. us should let the women stay, but adult males go back

  • it's about her sex not her gender
  • people, esp women, should stop having kids in war zones
  • stay and reform own country
  • husband fraternized with her as co-worker in military service which marginalizes women's rights
  • accepts men cannot search women prisoners (civil no, war yes)
  • war has become an ongoing state of affairs, not the real meaning of word

04/09/2023 05:05pm

here's a story purportedly about mifepristone being banned but interjects that kaczmaryk also allegedly said being trans is a mental disorder. so what?? it is a mental disorder!! but we are talking about a christian fundamentalist using his position illicitly to force his religion into 100,000,000+ women's medical decisions across america! (and it has nothing to do with gender dysphoria!)
Mifepristone: Who is Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk and why was the abortion pill case in his court?

04/09/2023 03:19pm

women's rights to abortion in the US went from being falsely promised to us by obama to being almost universally tied to trans rights and gender affirmation now. the major problem with that is that women's rights to abortion are a biological right based on our sex which cannot be changed and as 50% of the binary population of humans. trans rights are a denial of sex based rights, in pursuit of catering to the literal mental disorder of a small, and disordered, percentage of the population. all people deserve respect and compassion; males of any presentation do not have the right or ability to be women, and especially to represent us. women's sex based rights to abortion, to single sex spaces and sports for privacy and fairness should not be knotted up with a mental disease! #womensrights #abortionrights #dsm5

04/05/2023 06:21pm

just a reminder america- this is exactly the kind of shit we had a revolution against these people about. now the us and uk governments secretly collude against us #freespeech #surveillance
Britain Blocks UN Webcast of Russian Meeting on Ukraine
Britain wages cyber warfare

04/04/2023 05:23pm

no handcuffs no mugshot no cameras for trump #theater makes a mockery of equal justice. americans today suffer endlessly from booking photos online for minor but embarrassing offenses. plus cameras are on the rest of us all the time now. america is out of control on political veneration now too. part of american democracy is all parts are replaceable, and an ex- has even less need for such massive security efforts and deference. accountability went off the rails for sure with ford pardoning nixon

04/04/2023 12:37pm

australia has no free constitution and no basic citizen right to #freespeech. america should not hitch its wagon to a country like that for a vague 'combating online extremism' #censorship agenda which sounds to be really an attack on online anonymity and free speech. at any given moment many regular american citizens could be called extremists for refusing vaccine mandates or protesting wars

04/04/2023 12:18pm

tiktok is awful and is live streaming #idiocracy. but if breeders are worried about what their kids are doing on their phones maybe they should take better care and control of their kids and their devices themselves and not expect the federal govt to do it; or for all adults in the country to authenticate our age and id on all apps because theyre bad parents

04/04/2023 12:06pm

caitlin clark strongly appears to be ether trans or dsd. there should be genetic testing when there is obvious doubt. hell even the name caitlin seems like a troll. it is unfair for women and girls to compete physically against trans identified males who steal our fair competition and awards #nomalesinfemalesports

04/03/2023 09:10pm
bud light dylan mulvaney

bud light hired dylan mulvaney- who is looking like he must be some sort of cia op at this point #idiocracy

04/03/2023 09:04pm

caster semenya is xy and most likely has undescended testicles. caster semenya does not belong in women's sports #womensrights #womenssports #fairness Caster Semenya Has XY Chromosomes

04/02/2023 04:05pm
snoop dog cameron diaz

"we went to high school together. snoop dogg was a year older than me. I remember him, he was very tall and skinny. he wore lots of ponytails. I'm pretty sure I bought weed from him" - cameron diaz

04/02/2023 03:54pm

take a look in the mirror america- U.S. State Department report says Chinese and Hong Kong authorities "continued to use 'national security' as a broad and vague basis to undermine the rule of law and protected rights and freedoms" Hong Kong Rejects US Report Criticising Crackdown on Freedoms

04/02/2023 03:49pm

if he doesnt get the same handcuffs and booking photo treatment any other citizen would then it is clear we do in fact have tiered justice in america now No Handcuffs and a Not-Guilty Plea When Trump Surrenders. regular people dont get to negotiate before the swat team and homeland security kick in their door and shoots them and their pets dead in the middle of the night for much less

04/02/2023 03:40pm
nancy pelosi says prove innocence

ladies and gentlemen the octogenarian former speaker of the house who has power mongered in this country for decades- does not know the most basic of principles of our country. people are presumed innocent in america; at least we used to be before big tech and ubiquitous surveillance. and nancy pelosi's political reign

04/02/2023 03:22pm

there are a lot of search results listing douglass mackey as a twitter troll, right wing social media influencer and the like. what he is is an american citizen and it's outrageous he was convicted for tweets and memes. what kind of idiot thinks you can vote from home. sarcasm is in the eye and ear of the beholder and this seems a blatant attack on #1a #freespeech

04/02/2023 03:18pm
ny times unverified

ny times is unverified lol

03/31/2023 12:30am

this Declaration of Rights - Right to Reproductive Freedom is a referendum for 'establishing that every person, as a central component of an individual's rights to liberty and equality, has the fundamental right to reproductive freedom'. there is not a single us law ever passed that controls men's reproductive freedom and right to do with their own bodies what they want. #saywomen #womensrights

03/31/2023 12:23am
racial disrespect

the only group (out of 8 in that short clip) that doesnt deserve to be capitalized per the tampa bay times? the so-called whites #disrespect #racism

03/30/2023 10:48pm
usda woke bs

the fucking #usda has "tackling food and nutrition insecurity" listed THIRD behind 'advancing racial justice, equity and opportunity' and 'addressing climate change' as their "priorities" at the top of their homepage. the lead job of the USDA is to ensure citizens - especially women, the elderly, disabled and children - who are hungry - have food. then making sure humans could continue living on the planet would be nice. also america is supposed to believe in equal opportunity. equity is code for subjectivity and #racism and the usda has no business in color-lensing at all #wokebs

03/30/2023 10:13pm
donald trump indicted

wowza. donald j trump finally indicted. it should have been years ago

03/30/2023 09:26pm
twitter restricts mgt over trans day of vengeance

it's outrageous that twitter keeps doing these automated speech sweeps, especially against us government officials. and congress is glad about it, involved in it, and definitely not making laws protecting democracy and american #freespeech rights. i don't think either 'side' of the trans day of vengeance day tweets should have been suspended. the way to find the truth is not through prior restraint and speech proscriptions. and the wealthy, well-known and powerful will get their accounts right back, while the regular people and non-blue-payers will stay locked out

03/30/2023 09:05pm
rt @timrunshismouth

RT 💯 @TimRunsHisMouth

03/30/2023 08:56pm
matt walsh trans shooters arent leftists

there is no left in american mainstream politics. being democrats does not make them 'leftists', in fact it almost ensures they are not nowadays; both parties are corporatists. matt walsh knows this but continues this charade because it gives him clout and perpetuates his political agenda. it actually defeats fixing the problems by entrenching it as part of the political duopoly when in reality it is not. many liberal and leftist women are against males of any type claiming our sports and spaces

03/30/2023 07:50pm

gaslit again. or they cant keep their lies straight. they (both trump and biden) went from telling us there were no troops in syria (but we're keeping their oil) to of course we have troops in #syria. weird how no mainstream media really corner them on this

03/30/2023 03:44am
bowman looked like an undignified ignorant buffoon shouting around congress calling people 'gutless' and 'cowards'. there is an ideological difference- it doesnt make anyone cowardly. he did not look like a statesman tonight he looked like he wasnt brought up v well and couldnt control himself
03/28/2023 06:57pm

between new overt government actions like this that "requires all users to submit age verification before opening a social media account", the recent exposure of all the government/big tech joint censorship collusion, facebook's forced id, and musk forcing everybody to authenticate themselves on twitter, it is pretty clear the last vestiges of #anonymity and #privacy in america are being stamped out of existence New Utah Law requires all users to submit age verification before opening a social media account

03/28/2023 06:13pm
iraq war criminal liars

none of them went to jail (except hastert for being a pedo)

america's political class, no matter how institutionally criminal, has been untouchable for a long time now. biden held on long enough to be rewarded by democrats for being a conservative and war mongering criminal. they even embrace gw now #warcriminals Twenty Years On, Reflection and Regret on 2002 Iraq War Vote

03/28/2023 06:09pm

no fans of matt taibbi here- he seems like a creepy dude. but have to hand it to him for trying to do the right thing repeatedly in the twitter/surveillance scandals. he's seemed to be the only #twitterfiles writer that's pointed out repeatedly he does not access the docs directly and can only report on what he is given by musk's people (as many others lick elon's boots for an obviously still sculpted narrative) #twitterflies Matt Taibbi Says Democrats Have Ditched Free Speech Matt Taibbi's visit by IRS after testimony about 'Twitter Files' raises eyebrows

03/28/2023 05:49pm
mark warner unethical
it is completely unethical and inappropriate for the fbi and mark warner - speaking as the chair of the senate intelligence committee - to single out 'rhetoric from these right wing sites'. that doesnt sound like they are legit targeting violent rhetoric, but it is instead based on their political views #1a
03/28/2023 05:28pm

more surveillance every where every day. the french are already focused on their pensions being attacked, so they are slipping this massive #surveillance step by now Lawmakers Back Paris Olympic Law Despite Surveillance Fears

03/28/2023 05:14pm

@sowathearrogant: Elon saying 'things should be more equal and there shouldn't be a different standard for celebrities' was a fucking lie

For months, Twitter has maintained a list of VIP users, including LeBron James, Glenn Greenwald, Ben Shapiro, AOC, and Marc Andreessen, that it monitors and gives increased visibility to on the platform
03/28/2023 04:45pm

cops have been so awful for so long, including the recent uvalde cowards, that them just doing the job they are paid for and supposed to do in nashville has fools calling them heroes

03/28/2023 01:13am
abolish government approved marriage
progress wasnt gay marriage- it would have been abolishing marriage as a governmental institution. marriage appears in the constitution zero times and is primarily a religious, patriarchal and contractual endeavor- none of which need to be handled by the state #womensrights
03/27/2023 04:53pm

free speech nation andrew doyle RT Protesters @ThePosieParker’s Let Women Speak event in New Zealand turned violent - and the police were nowhere to be seen.
— Andrew Doyle (@andrewdoyle_com) March 26, 2023


03/26/2023 02:58pm
trans has not ever been (or even tried to be) its own movement; it's been a parasite on other groups' civil rights movements. first lgb rights were glommed on to (and damaged) in the 90s and aughts, now it's abortion. there can hardly be an article now about WOMEN'S SEX BASED RIGHTS to abortion without some mention of 'gender affirming care' - even though neither abortion nor lgb rights are at all related to body dysmorphic mental disorders. here women are being threatened with MURDER charges over abortion, yet still the trannies are forced in. a woman terminating an unwanted pregnancy has ZERO to do with kids getting hormones. the AP and its media partners/henchmen are as much the perpetrators of this injustice as the gender mob they gin up itself #forcedpairing #lgbdropthet
03/26/2023 01:55am
Many In Gay Community Reject Transgender Ideology stop forced pairing! lgb has nothing to do with trans #lgb t #lgbdropthet
03/24/2023 07:28pm
there is a real conflict between feminism and women's desire/ability to wear, look like, be or do anything; and trans identified males claiming men who meet a certain stereotypes of womanhood are suddenly eligible to actually be women #morethanastereotype #gender #critical #gcasf
03/24/2023 07:07pm
blue check revocations dead bird
at least soon it will be completely clear all the blue checks paid for it, and won't have to waste time clicking in to see who the absolute fools are #twitter #spyverified #neverpayabillionaire
03/24/2023 04:56pm
the french know how to protest (and france is like 1/6th the population of america) 1 million march in France against pension reform
03/22/2023 04:45pm

Overcrowding Woes Plague Detroit-Area Lockup for Kids
  hmmn - what causes overcrowding?
UN Warns 'Vampiric Overconsumption' Is Draining World's Water
  hmmn - what causes overconsumption?

03/22/2023 02:17am
women are who get pregnant and have abortions. calling us pregnant people, people who experience pregnancy, birthing people and the like is absurd and insulting. stop erasing the 50% of all humans who this affects to pander to the .03% that have a mental disorder #abortion #womensrights
03/21/2023 05:06pm
after uvalde it seemed obvious that there should be #schoolsentinels - which are along the line of a civil defense league for schools. we put locked hidden cabinets with a couple shotguns, pistols and rifles in the walls at schools in strategic locations. with technology - they could be set to open only with a fingerprint AND a code (maybe scaled access or with some needing 2 auths) and the codes can change every month or few and be given out at regular in-person meetings. then teachers, staff, parents and maybe 17+ year old students could take specialized training and do background checks to be authorized as a #schoolsentinel in the case of emergency. plus pass laws shielding them on liability if they have to shoot an incel annihilator. local/affected people are invested and motivated. we need to defensively arm schools not certain off-site people; cops dont care #2a #patriotism #duty
03/21/2023 04:45pm
uvalde coward cops - brave mom
UVALDE COPS WERE FUCKING COWARDS and there should be no other discussion. this just reinforces why citizens in america must remain armed. who cares what weapon some incel boy had? their job is to go in and handle it. i recall there was an unarmed uvalde mom who drove 40 miles, went in and retrieved some kids. (and was arrested!) she was brave and motivated. (what happened to her btw?) the real message should be 'school sentinels' need to be a thing, not disarm the general public. Uvalde cops were gutless cowards but still cops and gun grabbers use this for 'weapons of war' and 'ban the ar-15' sloganeering
03/21/2023 03:34am
infuriating that abortion - a simple singular straightforward procedure that affects the 50% of all adult humans that are female - is conflated with 'gender affirming care' that is a broad squishy set of cosmetic procedures that affects some tiny portion of society for their mental illness oregon bill on abortion includes gender bs
03/19/2023 05:44pm
there's not a single problem in america today that wouldn't be ten times better with half as many people #overpopulation #antinatalism
03/19/2023 05:39pm
social media's promise was to be facilitators enabling connections and #freespeech among free citizens. section 230 was meant to protect citizens not giant government puppet corporations. even i was enamored at first looking at that 'i was one of those punks hanging out in palo alto in the 80s' facebook group. instead we should have all expected that they would actually become the centralized government-enmeshed and controlled iron-fisted authorities enforcing speech and allowable public discourse restrictions that they have. badly need to break up big tech #offwiththeirheads would def get a ban now
03/18/2023 02:25pm
trump stollen boarder 3 18 23
i'm not usually one to go after people for typos, especially on social media. but damn - it is pretty embarrassing for america to have had a president that cannot spell basic words like stolen and border. seriously- the majority of his election schtick was about the border and he still can't even spell it #verystablegenius #lockhimup #lockthemallup
03/18/2023 01:12pm
lock him up. lock her up. lock all those motherfuckers up. if there's room enough in our prisons for millions of marijuana users - there's room enough for the oligarchs, plutocrats and other political overlord creeps and criminals that have perverted america's promise of equal justice. #lockhimup #lockherup #neverclinton #nevertrump
03/18/2023 01:06pm
cop cams have been pretty awful for freedom and privacy, but ai is the worst thing to happen to humanity yet; and citizens are just chudding right along into techbro dystopia. ai enforced 'communism' is not the answer to human overpopulation. humans were once more than just a meat collection of our images and data points. this makes us into machines too. the computers have already won #intheirimage #theythem #bringontheborg
03/18/2023 12:56pm
elon musk is a psy-op cat
03/18/2023 12:54pm
there is absolutely NO LEFT represented anywhere in american mainstream politics! there is a blue rightwing and a red crazytown rightwing. i'm so sick of hearing dipshit republican sycophants bang on about radical leftists and anarchists that do not exist. i wish there were a real left to counter the one-way rightward authoritarian shift of the overton window for decades now #thanksobama
03/16/2023 03:04pm
once past puberty - women see blood, clots and tissue flow out from our vaginas every month. it isnt silky uniform blood like from a vein, and it isnt the mystical process men dream it to be. it's just biology. an aborted unwanted pregnancy is just an extra chunky period for us #prochoice #myob
03/16/2023 02:32pm
the world is now over 8 BILLION people. maybe those with genetic defects and especially if complaining of poor quality of life, could be less selfish - and DON'T HAVE CHILDREN! we have no shortage and it dooms more people (who they claim to love) to a life of disability and dysfunction #overpopulation #choose #childfree
03/14/2023 08:34pm
mises caucus panhandler patrol

RT @lpmisescaucus Let's make a quilt out of their cries for help #homelessquilt

03/14/2023 08:31pm
drew barrymore dylan mulvaney

this is demeaning and obscene. but drew barrymore is a nepotism brat - they're clueless.

03/14/2023 01:48am
biden okays arctic drilling

'blocked' until the next gop admin comes along and unblocks it. these democrats are such pathetic liars. say what you want about gop but they actually try to keep their rightwing promises and then some. dems have been gop conspirators since clinton #noarcticdrilling

03/13/2023 04:30pm
we should abolish the farce of race, not expand it. we are all the exact same race - human. these sort identity machinations divide us, not unite us #abolishrace US Government Ponders Meaning of Race and Ethnicity   We need to Abolish race
03/13/2023 04:20pm
word family is not in the constitution
this is more of the population pyramid scheme hustle. the word family appears zero times in the us constitution, yet that's what government (esp democrats) panders to to keep the ponzi going, even as it is what is ruining our democracy and the planet Biden Wants to Ban Airlines From Charging Family Seating Fees
03/13/2023 04:12pm
thank goodness american taxpayers were here to insure svb for norway #globalists #oligarchs #morebailouts Norway Sovereign Fund Expects to Recover From SVB
03/12/2023 05:21pm
Continuing the dietary patterns of today will push the planet past the 1.5 degrees Celsius (2.7 degrees Fahrenheit) limit of warming sought under the Paris climate agreement #overpopulation Food Consumption May Add Nearly 1 Degree of Warming
03/12/2023 04:36pm

bannon has some surprising opinions about the oligarchy; he sounds like bernie here. if populists across the spectrum could set aside what divides us we might still have a small chance to defeat the oligarchs

03/12/2023 04:03pm

joe biden is a right wing republican - i dont care what party affiliation he claims. both parties bend their knee to the woman-hating criminal theocratic saudi regime US shields MBS for brutal murder of Khashoggi

03/12/2023 03:58pm
amash end fisa 702

#endfisa702 RT @justinamash
All searches of any American are unlawful without probable cause and a warrant! The Fourth Amendment doesn’t include an exception for approval by the FBI deputy director.
The FBI needs to follow the Constitution or be disbanded. End FISA 702.

03/11/2023 11:33pm
taibbi should have called plaskett a so-called representative. she is actually a 'delegate' not a representative and i don't know why gop lets the d's get away with letting her lead committees and such, especially after she as a non-voter helped run the impeachment
03/10/2023 10:45pm
the thing about the first amendment is WE ARE ALL PRESS. journalism isnt some elite cloistered college and government approved class. it is you, me and every american that has some information they want to announce/publish. every citizen has a right to speech and it is horrible watching democrats embrace full-scale censorship #jimmydorelive #1a #socialcredit
03/09/2023 04:05pm

incoming 'wishing harm' update - i hope mitch mcconnell picks up a terrible (further) disfiguring infection and has to resign. i wish feinstein would drop dead too. the only way to get rid of these far-past-their-prime geriatric plutocrats is their demise it seems. oh and guess what - 'wishing' or 'hoping' for things has no actual material effect on anything that actually happens - just like 'praying' doesn't either. (also they actually kill people)

03/05/2023 02:18am

they're just straight up mocking real women now. the 2023 international woman of courage award - goes - on international woman's day - not to the women sitting there - but to a man #sexNOTgender

03/08/2023 03:45pm
i am no one's fucking 'cis'! i'm a natural woman, who needs no prefix or qualifier. we are the only REAL WOMEN - not some subset of women. also it's pretty rich how the trannies want everybody to call them zhe zhir queen of sheba, and accuse people of hate crimes for laughing at them &/or not complying, but when women say we hate the term cis (a term coined by a pedophile btw) they continue to push it on us anyway. #cisthefuckoff
03/08/2023 03:37pm
'the explicit message being' MALES ARE NOT AND CAN NEVER BE FEMALES! and it is unfair to force natural women to compete physically against males who are biologically bigger and stronger. BIO LOGIC - it's right there in the word. trans identified males should be fighting for their own classes, not colonizing women's! hope the USAP appeals USA Powerlifting forced to let transgender males compete in women’s division
03/07/2023 07:17pm
in a free country chuck schumer politicians argue against positions, they don't call for prior restraint censorship. but i also do think mccarthy made a big mistake giving the video only to carlson. he should have made it more widely available across the spectrum, so everybody interested could report on varied perceptions. both sides are biased against open public forums
03/07/2023 04:58am
joe mixon arrest warrant
joe mixon is a menace. his violence was already well documented by more than one incident in high school, but he went on to violently assault a coed, menace a meter maid, appears to have threatened to shoot a girl in a road rage and now this. and he keeps getting a pass because he was good at football Shooting in 7900 block of Ayers Road
03/06/2023 05:19pm
alex murdaugh seems like an exceedingly manipulative self-serving narcissist - so i'm surprised he hasn't 'come out as a trans woman' yet to gain entry to the women's prison system.
03/06/2023 03:52pm

forcing women to carry pregnancies they do not want is literal slavery. see Nine months a slave. if orgs like planned parenthood weren't enthrall to the new men-women maybe they could do some litigation for real women's rights on this. but obama democrats and their henchmen see abortion rights under threat as a political bonanza #4a #5a #13a #14a #prochoice

03/05/2023 06:49pm
there's no money to be made off babies women refuse to make or carry. #prochoice terrifies controlling men.
03/05/2023 06:11pm
older brothers calhoun rats
so many aberrant males (and aberrant females producing them) are an overpopulation symptom. i followed this theory since late 90s about gay men. it looks like it might have a hand in trans too. Boys with older brothers more likely to be gay and from dsm: 'males with gender dysphoria (in both childhood and adolescence) more commonly have older brothers than do males without the condition'
03/05/2023 05:11pm
during black history month about 6 different ota tv channels here scheduled pro-'black' programming. we're a week into women's history month and not only are stations like kopx/ion (which has an entire channel - bounce - devoted year-round to so-called black oriented television) carrying on with the color-based programming from last month on trureal, but there's not a women's history line-up in sight, let alone days and weeks of programming promoting women's achievements. woman is the nigger of the world
03/05/2023 02:18am

RT #msnbc #clownshow https://twitter.com/mazemoore/status/1632114425653067776

03/03/2023 09:49pm
population math
honestly, it's really just math folks. if the water supply is already not enough for the 40,000,000 people using it - how can adding more people help?? we can't control how much water there is. we can control how many people. #overpopulation #selfishness #magicalthinking Colorado river: water ÷ population = math problem
03/03/2023 07:50pm
this is not how PUBLIC RECORDS are supposed to work kevin mccarthy - INTERVIEWS are exclusives, not document/records/information releases. we, the people, paid for those records! they don't belong to politicans to shuffle around in a sleazy selective partisan manner - they belong to us! McCarthy directed Jan 6th footage to Tucker Carlson.
03/02/2023 09:46pm
sex is not *assigned* at birth. sex is recorded at birth. it's an administrative task. #drphil
03/02/2023 04:31pm
forever chemical costs vs ukraine
they say it would take $38 billion to fix the american forever-chemicals-in-water problem, and frame it like that would be insurmountable. meanwhile we have sent over $75 billion to ukraine in the last year or two - enough to have fixed our own water problem twice over. Forever Chemicals - Limits and Cleanup
03/02/2023 03:08pm
where are the regulators??! no one can even see any thread replies except for blue checks now - there's only speech on twitter for those willing to pay the oligarch. #america #freespeechisdead
03/02/2023 01:32pm
while it's nice to see many of the gender critical women's suspensions highlighted here lifted, it's pathetic to see how many are now paying an oligarch monthly for his check mark scheme.
02/26/2023 06:37pm
blue ftc bait and switch
our government is completely failing to uphold their responsibilities against the oligarchs. where are the AGs, where are the public interest groups!!? having already complained to #ftc about anti-competitive practices by twitter, a #baitandswitch complaint is forthcoming. musk openly disparaged his own product offered as free enticement to join and participate, so as to now force people into buying a similar thing, with the same outward indicators, but for a fee. plus that site looks like garbage now with every $8 jackass forced to the top of convos. #twitterblue
02/26/2023 04:59pm
both halves of the us duopoly are trying to outdo each other on warmongering. this wont end well. the patriotic 'peace movement' is completely disenfranchised from america's political systems and no longer has a home with either party GOP wants more war too
02/24/2023 02:53pm
tax the churches
the mormons engaged in this conspiracy for over 20 years! they fraudulently tried to hide $23,000,000,000 but were only fined $5,000,000. crime pays! especially for religion. tax the motherfucking churches!! Mormon Church Fraudsters Get Off Cheap
02/23/2023 04:27pm
buttigieg press secretary
the government tells us we have no reasonable expectation of privacy in public and so they can keep cameras on us everywhere 24/7, but they sure as hell dont want us to film them!
02/23/2023 04:33pm
transgender pantene

pantene is off my shopping lists #sexnotgender

02/21/2023 05:10pm
when basic facts and logic become controversial and verboten society is failing
02/21/2023 05:10pm
I don't follow paid tv but know who don lemon is. he may be wrong on ton of things. but this is same sort of denial of reality as saying 'trans women ARE women'. facts are facts - biologically women (the female kind) have an end to reproductive life. i, and the feminism i grew up with, say we have other value. but when abortion is illegal in great swathes of america and men (who can father children indefinitely btw) can be women - do we really. and isnt that comment particularly relevant @ nikki haley? #wrongthink
02/20/2023 07:57pm
this year already joe biden and the democrats have:
- flaunted a foreign nation's flag in our congress
- squashed union organizing efforts for sick leave
- suppressed palestinian appeals at the un over illegal settlements
- ignored a significant disaster in east palestine
- went to a foreign country on g washington's birth holiday
why does anyone defend them??
02/20/2023 06:18pm
rt hans mahncke

it is absolutely wrong for a government official to funnel important data and information like this to a single (and very biased) reporter RT https://twitter.com/

02/19/2023 10:18pm
blinken musk starlink ukraine
as expected. jim jordan is 'gonna hold tech to account' but didn't even subpoena musk and praised him during the hearings. now democrats will chummy up for this war supply angle. where are the anti trust people? will no patriot even try to stop this robber baron?? Blinken Says U.S. Has Had Talks With Elon Musk About Starlink in Ukraine
02/19/2023 09:54pm
google prebunking
Precrime and approved reading lists coming soon Google to Expand Misinformation 'Prebunking' in Europe
02/18/2023 01:56pm
twitter blue forced identity verification
most are still really just not getting it - this new musk extortion scheme of 'buy twitter blue or lose text 2fa' is not just about users being forced to pay for a basic service - it's about FORCED IDENTITY VERIFICATION #socialcredit
02/16/2023 05:27pm
300 million dollars for czech

it's not like americans could use 300+ million dollars for anything

02/16/2023 05:31pm
but theyre private companies
america never fuses "private companies" and government/military applications *cough *darpa *cough *starlink *spacex *google *facebook *twitter *amazon *yourbank *cough *cough. (china cant arrest me btw) #bUtThEyRePrIvAtEcOmPaNiEs
02/16/2023 05:35pm
not the rainbow flag

that is not the rainbow flag #lgbwithoutthet #lgbscissors

02/16/2023 04:55pm
union organizers fired by tesla
elon musk is as evil as they come but it's pretty clear that the entire american political system will embrace him. republlicans praise him for the twitter files (which have been carefully curated by his henchmen) and dems praise him for 'supporting ukraine'. even though he's a union-busting. market-manipulating robber baron and tyrant, the rich are untouchable, and we're fucked by the oligarchs again Union organizers fired by Tesla
02/16/2023 04:46pm
citizen twenty three versus family zero
family does not appear in the us constitution even once. "family" is the base unit of religion, nepotism, ponzi schemes and the patriarchy. both american political parties have embraced this misdirection and devaluation of the rights of CITIZENS
02/15/2023 02:33pm
is nicola sturgeon trans
if nicola sturgeon turns out to be trans or intersex then the crazy insistence to call trans identified males actual women makes a lot more sense nicola sturgeon claims trans identified male rapists can be women if they say so
02/09/2023 11:29pm
after constantly being shadowbanned and locked out my tweets will probably get more eyes here than on twitter eyes
02/09/2023 10:29pm
all abortion reasons are good reasons
ANY reason any competent woman may have for wanting an abortion is a good reason. always. every single one
02/09/2023 08:29pm
world is not enough
hey chelsea handler we call ourselves #childFREE when we CHOOSE not to have kids. it's not less because there's no loss, just freedom. antinatalism is the least selfish and damaging thing a woman can do today in our wildly overpopulated world
02/09/2023 06:29pm
the main point of a national anthem is to unify the citizenry. even protesting the anthem is impactful because it strikes at core messaging about our nation. special interest and ethnic groups having their own versions of a national anthem is the opposite of unity and equality. #abolishrace We need to abolish race
02/09/2023 05:29pm
rt katy a shanahan

RT @KatyAShanahan status/1624747684744556547 #corporatocracy

02/09/2023 04:29pm
dead fucking spot on about the dangers of this kneejerk trans medicalization of children!
02/09/2023 10:00pm
Tom Cole is as establishment as establishment gets, plus a hugely pro military guy, so something seems shady about this #endthewars
02/09/2023 12:00am
democrats dont deliver
democrats keep trying to pitch that they've "delivered". they delivered an end to 50 years of abortion rights and haven't raised the minimum wage since 2009 #thanksdemocrats
02/08/2023 09:30pm
nancy pelosi still listed as verified speaker

nancy pelosi is still being 'officially' listed as 'Speaker' on twitter #fakenews

02/08/2023 09:00pm
smart and competent single women are the people society is penalizing when it constantly talks about and prioritizes "families". #thanksdemocrats
02/07/2023 02:30am
weird the bachelor hasn't had trans women on. they may force women to face men in women's sports with a straight face, but a tranny on there would expose the absurdity. #thebachelor #thebachelorabc
02/06/2023 12:00am
who cares about the damn chinese balloons. china, russia and the us can all zoom their satellite cameras in on any of us spitting in our backyards whenever they want to #muchadoaboutnothing
02/05/2023 01:30am
zelensky quote cleanses unquote citizenship from political rivals
Nothing says Democracy and Rule of Law like a politician 'cleansing' citizenship from political rivals.
02/04/2023 01:00am
arresting people for flag burning in mississippi
Blatant First Amendment Violation by Gulfport, Mississippi.
02/03/2023 02:00pm
some dangers of digital id

RT @JamesMelville status/1620748437984804864 #digitalid

02/09/2023 09:39pm
why are those krassenstein idiots at or near the top of every trend??? and why do they get their own special conjoined handle? #icallbs #feds
01/30/2023 09:21pm
"Obama Democrats" = sleeper republicans that love more corporatism, more police, more war, more religion, more surveillance; less wages, less unions, less reproductive rights, less privacy, less civil rights
01/29/2023 09:21pm
END THE NATIONAL PRAYER BREAKFAST! America is supposed to be a secular nation but democrats join with republicans to force religion on us all. #separation
01/11/2023 09:21pm
new censors; still censorship
10/30/2022 08:21pm
"Inauthentic account" is the new "fake news". Billionaires do not care about our speech, they care about theirs
10/27/2022 08:21pm
Elon Musk will not save Twitter; he'll make it even worse. America's townsquare should be regulated as a Utility, not sold off to billionaires

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